We do webs, apps and other cool stuff  


We help small and medium-sized businesses optimize their use of the internet in achieving their business goals.

Our hot buttons include:

  • Data-driven websites

    We use the built-in security of asp.net for code and MS SQL Server for databases to deliver engaging websites that search engines love, at realistic cost. And of course HTML5 rather Flash.
  • Mobile application development

    IOS or Android platform, we work closely with our partners at New York Digital Design to deliver compelling mobile apps for our clients' target markets
  • Search Engine Optimization

    If your site is not on the first page in Google search results, we can help. It's not rocket science, but it takes constant vigilance to stay at the top.

We have gained all our work in the last decade through word of mouth from delighted clients, and that's how we like it. This  website is mainly for clients to gain access to client-specific  resources.

But for those we haven't had the pleasure of working with yet -feel free to get in touch!

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